Stonehenge and Bath

Erin Flanagan St. Mary's University, England


February 5, 2019
Currently studying at: St. Mary's University, England
Homeschool: Stonehill College

Stonehenge and Bath were the first planned excursions of my abroad experience! This trip was on my abroad bucket list because both of these places are stunning and have so much history behind them.

We went to Bath first, and it blew me away. It is a beautiful city founded by the Romans as a spa city. The hot mineral springs in Bath are the only ones in England. The water is believed to have healing powers so, of course, I drank the hot water that contains over 43 different minerals! To end our trip in Bath, we ate the best baguette sandwiches in the world from a place called La Baguette.

After exploring Bath, we continued to Stonehenge. Seeing the historical stones in person was incredible. They were glowing in the sunlight, and we captured the stones in many pictures. Stonehenge is one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments, and we were also able to see an exhibition focused on the history and the development of Stonehenge throughout the years.

This day is one of my favorite days of my abroad experience so far, and it is a day that I will never forget!