See You Soon, Scotland

Bailey Smith University of Edinburgh, Scotland


May 17, 2017

Finals have finished, the amount of money in your bank account has dropped drastically, and you still have a few weeks left in Europe before you have to go home. It is scary because you feel like your time abroad you have gotten more confident and happy with yourself and you are afraid that those changes won’t last once you get back onto American soil. You are afraid that you won’t get to do everything you want to do in your city before you leave. There are so many things to do in Edinburgh and Scotland in general and you love this city/country so much you don’t want to leave it. You also are afraid that all of the valuable friendships you have made here will dissipate when you all get back to your separate sides of the United States and back into real life. You feel like you need to spend as much time doing things and spending time with friends but all you want to do is spend some time alone and relax after the hectic last few months of school, travel, and blowing money.

Along with the fear and sadness about leaving this amazing place you are ecstatic to get home. You miss your parents and your siblings so much sometimes it hurts. You miss your house, your jobs, and your favorite places in your state. You miss your home school, your friends from college, and your friends from childhood. You miss your puppy more than anything. You miss simple mornings of drinking coffee with your mom and watching the home channel not having to worry about not getting enough into your day. You miss dinners out with your brothers where you sit at the restaurant too long talking that you feel like you might fall asleep at the table. You miss nighttime drives around the lake with your best friends just chatting and laughing about nonsense.

I have absolutely loved my semester abroad. I love Scotland more than I ever thought I could love a country. I love Edinburgh almost as much as I love the city I grew up in. I absolutely adore the friends I have made here and I hope those friendships last. Even though I have loved my months here and couldn’t have asked for a better experience abroad, The best thing that Studying abroad has done for me is make me really appreciate my life at home. I have begun to appreciate my life I have been living up until I studied abroad much more and I am extremely excited to get back to it.

See you soon Scotland, thanks for being so good to me.


Scotland Semester