Kallie Vinson Sydney Internship Program, Australia


July 24, 2019
Currently Studying at: Sydney Internship Program, Australia
Homeschool: University of Kentucky

Landing back in North Carolina after being on a plane for the past day is nothing less than relieving. When I left RDU just 7 weeks ago, I felt like such a different person. I didn’t know just how much those almost 2 months would change and impact me for the better.

Australia was so incredibly beautiful. If I was given this opportunity again, I would do it 100 times. There are certainly things I miss about Sydney, but what can you not miss about Sydney?

At first, I was excited because I could finally order my drink at Starbucks after not being able to for the past 44 days. I realized when I landed that I was in desperate need of an iced chocolate, but if I asked for that in America, I would probably just get chocolate milk. I miss turning on the television and seeing nothing but rugby games or post-rugby commentary. I would give so much if I could be there for the World Cup this year because honestly, I think I learned more than I ever expected about the sport while in Straya. I miss the public transportation, as weird as it is to say. I love to drive, but it’s just so nice to be able to take the train or bus anywhere in the city. I especially miss the ferry because it is such a beautiful way to get around the city. I would absolutely love to come back to Sydney in the Summer. I feel like there would be so many exciting things going on around that time, especially in Bondi.

There’s also the matter of not hearing Australian accents every time I go outside. A woman came into the nail salon I was in yesterday, and for some reason, I got the feeling she was Australian. Next thing I know, I’m discussing Perth with her, and she’s telling me I should go. I don’t know how I just got that Aussie vibe from her, but I did and that’s weird. I also wouldn’t recommend going up to people and telling them you get an Aussie vibe from them, you might be looked at as insane. I also miss the açaí bowls in Sydney. They are so so so good, I wish I could put it into words. I am glad to be home, as I did miss my friends and family, but now more than ever, I believe that my dreams of moving down under, whether that be Australia or New Zealand, don’t have to just be dreams.

I know I’ll go back soon, hopefully in the next couple of years. I want to thank Australia for all of the amazing lessons learned and all the amazing people I met.

For now, this is my last blog post for Arcadia, I hope to be back writing soon!