Plot Twist

Anne Hsia Queensland University of Technology, Australia


August 14, 2017

What is the probability that two people (in a Uni with 50k students) have 2/4 of the same classes? The probability is probably higher than expected, actually, but anyway, you guessed it. Last week during MXB241(Probability and Stochastic Modeling II) workshop, I sat at a table with three other students solving some PGF (Probability Generating Function) problems, and ended up exchanging numbers with the one that I worked most with. On Monday, I walked into the lecture hall for KMB200 (Music Scenes and Subcultures. Think punk, deviant music, etc. We also talked about gangs), and as I sat down, I glanced around and saw Jamie sitting three rows back. We were both pretty surprised and took a second before waving to each other. After all, we’ve only worked together for two hours in the past seven days. Turns out Jamie studies Music but is minoring in Statistics because music doesn’t make $$$. Thus is the harsh reality of the world. 

I had brunch with a foodie, a chef, the chef’s brother, and Jackie after church on Sunday, and we went to a restaurant called Gauge. The chef, Ben, was apprentice to Peter Gilmore (a famous Australian chef) and ordered this black bread and IT WAS SO AMAZING! It’s called black garlic bread, it was sweet and savoury, and the browned butter that goes with it made it even better. Anyway, when I told him I got migraine headaches from cheese, he figured out what chemical element (?) in cheese caused the headaches and what kind of cheese I would be able to eat. Mind-blown. 

And Aunty Jenny (Viv and Jackie’s mum) finally came back from vacation! She got me so much stuff; I’m so blessed. We had dinner while watching the special commemorating 20 years since Princess Diana’s tragic death. It reminded me how short life is, and it’s even more on the forefront of my mind when I think that I’m only going to spend four more months here (it’s already August :O). Every moment I spend with friends is so precious; I may never see them again after I leave, and I want to leave a Jesus-print (like a fingerprint but not) on every life I touch. Father, how do I do that?

On a random side note, I somehow seem to attract Chinese International students. I’ve had many, many encounters where an obviously Chinese girl (lady?) comes sits next to me, introduces herself in English, and proceeds to ask, “Where are you from?” There’s always a look of surprise (+/- disappointment?) when I say I’m an exchange student from the US and that my parents are Taiwanese. And then I don’t really see them again. I’m sorry I look Chinese and can’t relate to you as much as you hoped :/ Looks can be deceiving.  

Today during music tutorial (small-group discussion sessions), we had to do introductions, except we introduced the person who sat next to us. We had to get their name, where they grew up, and what music they listened to in high school. When my partner was called and reported that I listened to mostly classical music in high school, the lecturer asked if I was the one practicing in the studios earlier this week. (Yes, and he was in the studio across from mine when I stumbled through Tchaik’s.) He then proceeded to tell the whole class what a great pianist I am. #unnecessary #expectations


If you’ve made it this far, congrats! You can read about the most exciting part of my week (the plot twist). So (this is embarrassing on my part), I was using the library computers to print out math worksheets, and I may have left my phone by the computer when I left. When I finished printing and realised I didn’t have my phone with me, I went back, but it was gone. I lost my phone. I guess this was bound to happen, considering that I’ve left my flash drive, notebook, phone, and wallet in SCU’s library (on different occasions but gotten all of them back, thankfully). I’m just not sure what to do. 

My room turned into a Laundromat. Since it costs $4 to dry a load of laundry, I've hung a lot of my clothes in my room to dry. I can barely get into my room since some shirts are in the bathroom and I left the door open. The cheap things students do. 

Aunty Jenny sent me a message this afternoon about a four-hour flight deal from Brisbane to Sydney, and after much complicated messaging, I’m going to Sydney from the 14th-16th of September! It’s Thursday to Saturday (and I will be skipping workshop, but too bad. Who can pass up a $69 flight ticket?), but looking forward to seeing more of the world. Just kinda bummed that I’m not going with family...

I did go Bowling and Laser Tag with the Taekwondo club tonight! I checked out the club with Pink on Monday and learned some self-defence moves. Everyone was really friendly, and we had a great time at Strike (except the music was kinda loud). But I’m sad that the apartment smelled (still does) like smoke. My housemates were pre-gaming in our kitchen and the smell drifted to the rest of the apartment, so now I’m downstairs waiting for the smell to go away (or waiting until my headache goes away). Not the best night, but it’s life. Here’s the full picture of the river at dusk (same one as the verse pic!); again, so much better in person (come!).



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