No One Word Can Describe It

Yasaman Khorsandi Arcadia in Barcelona, Spain


May 6, 2015

So I’ve been home for about a week now and it’s pretty crazy to start to process my last four months. Initially, I arrived home and everything felt back to normal— especially because I didn’t experience jet lag and I went right back into my normal schedule and just had a ton of reunions. Now that life is starting to slow down again and get back to how it was before, I can start to think about what these past four months have meant for me.

I think it’s hard to put to words when people ask “how was your trip” because it was everything- it was hard at times, it was amazing at times, it was a growing experience and I had so much fun. So there is truthfully no one word to describe it. I guess I’m trying to figure out how I’ve grown, what things have made me a different person today than four months ago, and how I’m going to use this experience to my advantage in the workforce later on for my resume.

Processing experiences is so necessary but I also think it shouldn’t be forced. I think it’s good to let that stuff happen naturally and not try to “force” lessons out of an experience, but rather let it be, be present where you are, and start to slowly take apart your trip. That may mean that you don’t know what you learned from the trip until two years later, and if that’s how it works, so be it. I’m in no rush to overanalyze this trip, but to only look back and feel so incredibly thankful that I got to call Barcelona home for a couple months and meet some unforgettable faces.