Never Leave the Netherlands

Lauren Young London, England


March 31, 2015

Despite the subarctic temperatures, wind chill of around negative 500 and severe rain… IT WAS GREAT! One thing I was not prepared for was the dramatic shift in weather. Obviously, I had not done enough research prior to my visit abroad because it’s apparently a known fact that Holland has dreary weather. Luckily I had packed an extra umbrella and a raincoat and boy did I need it.

Besides the terrifyingly accurate “unpredictable weather”, this city truly stole my heart. With its quaint feel mixed in with an eclectic style changing almost completely on every other street, there was never a loss of things to oogle over. The people were very kind despite the obvious language differences, but eventually I ended up laughing and joking with the locals over our communication obstacles. Between avoiding downpours, I found myself dipping and dogging into various museums, stores, and dare I say it… the red light district. Unless you are comfortable with.. being uncomfortable, I recommend avoiding this “interesting” area.

Everything I had expected to experience in this beautiful, old world city quickly changed as soon as I stepped onto its adorable cobblestone alleyways lined with riverboat after riverboat after riverboat. Book your trips now people, The Netherlands is not a place you want to miss!

P.S. Try their chocolate and cheese, you will not be disappointed. ‚Äč