Myth Busting: Paris

Caroline Witts Queen Mary University of London, England


March 25, 2015

Here is a list of things people say about Paris that are true:

  1. Everyone dresses well and I mean literally everyone. Nobody wears sneakers, shorts, sweat pants, or colors. Basically, everyone looks amazing. 
  2. As long as you look like you’re sort of, kind of, maybe, older than 16, you won’t be carded. I ordered wine in a restaurant and I was almost bummed when the waiter didn’t ask to see my ID.
  3. Every single building is beautiful. I don’t care if it’s some random bank or a crappy apartment building, the outside will look like the most stunning and important building ever constructed. Every building is covered in balconies and flowers and fancy windows with fancy roofs. 
  4. Crepes are the best food ever created by man.
  5. Same goes for macaroons.
  6. And croissants.
  7. A large portion of the population smokes. But, to be honest, everyone looks really cool doing it.
  8. It is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Here’s a list of things people say about Paris that are not true:

  1. Everyone is rude. Not true. We went in a lot of restaurants/stores and the most we could say was “bonjour” and “merci” yet everyone was very accommodating and willing to speak English with us. We were not yelled at or spit on or refused service from anyone.
  2. The streets are dirty. Not True. Except for maybe a little bit more cigarette butts than normal, I would say that Paris is pretty clean.
  3. The Eiffel Tower is lame up close. Not True. Or at least I didn’t think so. It's awesome to actually see the real thing up close instead of just on a Forever 21 t-shirt.
  4. If you want to stay somewhere nice you have to drop a lot of money. Not True. We used AirBnB and stayed in the most beautiful apartment right above a metro station. It was only 40 pounds each for two nights.