My 6 Month Adventure

Alyssa Benjamin Pre-Health Semester in London, England


December 24, 2015

Today I enjoyed one of my final days in sunny Florida. I had the opportunity to golf and even go out in the boat during this unusually warm Christmas season. While I do love the sun, I cannot wait to arrive in the beautiful, albeit gloomy, city of London. My decision to study abroad in London was inspired by the year my mom spent there during her junior year of college. Studying abroad as a pre-med student is difficult, but Arcadia’s Pre-Health semester in London has allowed me the opportunity to go abroad and still stay on track.

My mom always jokes that packing is harder for me than organic chemistry. Even though I am so excited to leave, I find it overwhelming to decide what to pack for my 6 month adventure. I have one large suitcase and a carry-on bag that will both be filled to the brim. I know the packing will get done and when it is I think the fact that I am going abroad will finally feel like reality.

My biggest worry is how much I will miss my family. I go to college 1,000 miles away from home and even in my junior year I still get homesick occasionally. Instead of dwelling about my family not being with me, I hope to make memories that they will love to hear about. Two of my best friends will be in other programs in London. I think it's wonderful that I will be able to learn and grow on my own while having great friends just a tube ride away.

That's all for now, I better get packing!


England Pre-Departure