Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner

Mandy Noren King’s College, London


December 5, 2018

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots in London, while they’re not totally off the beaten track, I didn’t see them the first time I came to London, so that makes them unique to this experience for me!

I live in the borough of Southwark, which is literally next to the Shard and a very short walk from Shakespeare's Globe and the Borough Market. The Borough Market is absolutely lovely, and we've been going there pretty much every Wednesday (before I discovered Camden). These markets focus more on smaller food vendors that make incredibly fresh food in a farmer's market type atmosphere more than farm fresh produce. There's usually one or two stands/carts/tents that are selling fresh produce, but the heart of Camden and Borough is in the food itself. For example, at Borough, I've had traditional British pie and mash from Pieminster (I almost love the name more than I loved the food), pulled pork with mac and cheese, and there's this juice stand that I'm particularly fond of that offers a stunning mixture of orange juice and lemonade which has changed my life in more ways than one.

Camden is another borough of London, and it's much more "hipster" than the other boroughs I’ve explored during my time in the Commonwealth. Entering Camden Market, you’re greeted with a sign reading "WELCOME TO CAMDEN MARKET COME IN! WE'RE (really) OPEN (minded),” which opens the door to find an adorable little marketplace full of little pop-up food truck-esque tents. I found some fresh juice!!! And I know you're probably sitting there, wondering why I would waste time and money on ordinary orange juice. But juice this fresh doesn't taste like Minute Maid or Simply Orange. It's so incredibly original that it's a shame that Minute Maid can call their nonsense orange juice at all- London has completely changed my perspective on the juice industry.

My second favorite place in London is Notting Hill. I’ve visited Notting Hill three times since I arrived in this great nation, and I don’t regret a second of the time I’ve spent there. Notting Hill is known for its cute little rainbow-colored houses and that one romantic comedy movie (just kidding, you know I know) with Hugh Grant and some lady- for the life of me, I can’t remember her name- Julie maybe? Regardless- Notting Hill has all these cute little shops and some really great places to eat! Portobello Road is the street you probably think of when you think of Notting Hill- it’s a residential street full of attached houses painted in varying shades of pastel and tranquility. It blows my mind to think there are actually people who live in such an incredible little area. I think my favorite thing about London is how incredibly diverse each borough can be from the next- there is so much to discover and so little time left to see it all!