Markets and Yoga

Alyssa Benjamin Pre-Health Semester in London, England


January 20, 2016

Although I take 4 classes a week, I am learning 24/7. Every time I step out of my room the city provides new experiences. Last weekend I visited the Portobello Road Market with my friend Holly. This market is the world's largest antique market with over 1,000 dealers. It is located in beautiful Notting Hill. The market was full of sounds, sights, and aromas. It was a cold day but the lively atmosphere made the time outside worth it. Upon entering the market we witness an acapella group singing their hearts out. The Techtonics, an all male acapella group from the Imperial College London was performing on the street. My friend goes to their school and we are hoping to see another performance sometime soon. Even though I am not in the market for antiques it was really fun to see what the stalls had to offer. There was one stretch of the market full of incredibly colorful flowers. I ended up purchasing a sweater at a cute boutique called Punkyfish. Markets are a great way to spend a Saturday and I am hoping to visit the Borough Market next week for some delectable treats.

On Tuesday I took advantage of a free yoga class offered through Arcadia. Kimberley, one of the London Center staff, organized a rejuvenating lunch time session with Dimuthu. I practice yoga at home and jumped at the opportunity to participate. The city is a hectic place especially for someone from the suburbs. The class was incredible. By the end I was able to do my first inversion. This was a big accomplishment for me. The class encouraged me to look into taking yoga classes and I am currently looking for a studio in the city.