Make Your Voice Being Heard Great Again

Whittney Whitt Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


October 12, 2016

It's a little upsetting when I constantly hear people, particularly people my age, claim that they will not be to voting this year. From the outside looking in I have to be perfectly frank that I think that America is looking mighty silly with its candidates right now. I can't say that I am gung ho for either candidate but I CAN say that I'd rather one of the candidates win over the other. But the only way that I can help insure that is by voting! Please don't let the media, or older voters, or even your friends persuade you not to vote! Even if you absolutely believe that your vote won't change the color of your state (whether your state is red, blue, or swing, like mine) please just vote anyway.

You wouldn't believe how many times in the US alone that candidates or levies or public officials won their elections because of one or two more votes than their competitors! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself

Even if you don't want to vote for the proposed candidates--believe me I was a diehard Bernie fan way before Trump and Hillary were nominated as this years leading candidates--you are still more than entitled to "Write-In" your preferred candidate. You never know, maybe your write-in might just win!

Long story short please please please just vote this election! If you are at home, at school, or abroad, PLEASE VOTE. Make your voice heard! The absentee ballot is still available as long as you apply (by mail or email or fax depending on your county elections board) from now until election day, and as long as you send it in on time (also by mail or email or fax, again depending on your county elections board) you can submit your ballot as late as November 8th itself! But please just do it! Us millennials need to make our voices heard this election, period! Just make your voice heard!


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