Lovely Ireland

Carolyn Fales University of Westminster, England


November 15, 2014

One of my very good friends from camp chose to study abroad this semester too, in Galway, Ireland. When we both realized we were studying abroad, we were so excited to be able to visit each other and I finally got the chance to!

Flights to Ireland from London are so cheap and incredibly short. It probably took me longer to go through security at the airports than the entire flight. Once I arrived in Dublin I took a bus to Galway. It takes just about three hours to drive the entire span of the country -- something that's very odd to think about when coming from America where that would only get me to Connecticut.

Emily met me at the bus station and we walked to her flat where she made me dinner and then we went into the main part of Galway to pubs for the night. Irish people are really friendly and their pubs are fun because some of them had bands playing traditional Irish music. It was a cool atmosphere.

The next day Emily showed me around Galway. We walked to a market and to the harbor that is famous for having pictures taken of it. The grass seemed greener there, no pun intended. Galway is a fishing town and you can see that with how it right on the water.

We went to some pubs again that night. I feel like British and Irish people alike feel as if there is no bad time to go to the pub, even a weeknight. The next day I left Emily and took the bus back to Dublin to explore there before getting on my plane back to London.

First I took a tour of the Guinness storehouse. Although I'll have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of the actual beer it was cool to see the process of how it was made. The different advertisements they have used over the years were also really interesting.

After the storehouse I wandered around the rest of Dublin. I saw St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin Castle, and Trinity College. Dublin is definitely a very different city than London, it seems a lot simpler but still very Americanized.

If I went back to Ireland I think I would definitely want to visit the countryside and cliffs!


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