James Cook University: Part 2

Marisa Etzell James Cook University, Australia


January 3, 2019
Marisa Etzell is a student blogger studying at James Cook University, Australia

When studying abroad at JCU (James Cook University), there is no lack of activities! In fact, now that I think about it, I had something going on pretty much every week night.

  • Mondays were for Connect, a group of women to gather and drink tea, have nibbles to eat, and share from our heart.
  • Tuesdays were for bible study. And as a bonus, the first Tuesday of every month, there was Open Mic at The Refect on campus.
  •  Every Wednesday I had an ultimate frisbee game.
  •  Thursdays there was free yoga and meditation happening at the Ed Central Amphitheatre, just outside Miss Sushi. Thursday evenings were also a highlight because I was a Red Frog and had the opportunity to serve pancakes at the residence halls around campus. So, take note: if you’re on campus and have the munchies Thursday night, chances are you’re in luck because there will most likely be a team of Red Frogs serving up some pancakes and maybe even Nutella to go along with it!
  •  And last but not least, I ended my week with soccer! Every Friday beginning at 4:30, social soccer took place on the Cricket Field.

My point is, whether or not you take part in these groups listed above, there is a wide variety of events and clubs to choose from at JCU, and I highly encourage you to participate in one or more of them! It’s such a great way to create community, make friends, and find a sense of belonging while spending a semester away from home.

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