In preparation...

Samantha Wright Bond University, Australia


July 6, 2015

As of the time I’m writing this post, I have about two months until I leave for Australia, and even though it seems like it’s very far away, my summer will fly by.

I haven’t really done much to get ready for Australia as of yet. I got my visa, $400+… yikes! I just got my luggage yesterday. A really nice, large, hard shell Delsey Shadow 3.0 with a built in lock from Bed Bath and Beyond. Apparently they’re pretty expensive online, I got it for a little over $100 in store with a coupon. I have also completed all my flight stuff. I did all that through a travel agent that my family has used for other trips. I gave him the requirements for my arrival times, and he gave me my flight options, and I picked which flights I wanted to take. It made it much easier and less stressful on me to have to book my own flights. I also get to fly first class for the flights to Australia, which I’m really excited about. The travel agent recommended it because it’d be more comfortable than flying in Economy for 20 something hours for two flights. I think that’s all I have to say for now!