Home Sweet Home

Amelia Graf Arcadia in Rome, Italy


February 16, 2016

Rome is everything I ever imagined and more. I live in the cutest neighborhood of Garbatella with amazing bakeries and restaurants. I never knew what real coffee tasted like until I came here. The daily cappuccino and croissant is essential…if you want to live like a real Italian. 

My morning commute to school is not so bad when I get to walk on cobblestone streets and have a beautiful landscape around me. Some of my neighbors even have lemon and orange trees in their back yards…yes, very tempting. Every day, I pass the same pizzeria, and the aroma is mouthwatering. 

And if you are wondering about the gelato, it was love at first bite. Garbatella has the number one gelateria in Rome called La Romana. Nothing brightens my day more than one lick of their pistachio gelato. It is the creamiest, most delicious dessert I have ever had. I would run a marathon just to go there every day.

If you can tell, I love food.