Home of ABBA

Allie Rivera University of Stirling, Scotland


April 13, 2018

Since I have no classes and I am waiting till the end of April to take a final it makes perfect sense to travel. My calendar is full of different trips to different places that I might as well live in Edinburgh airport. This trip from April 11 to 13 was to Stockholm Sweden or as I always knew it as the home of ABBA, one of the greatest bands ever. Of course I had to go to the ABBA Museum and it did not fail me. I was basically dancing my way through the museum.

I went on this trip with 2 other Arcadia people and this trip was out of my norm. It was different because there wasn’t really a plan. We knew about 4 places we wanted to go but that’s it. We spent the majority of time just wondering around Stockholm. After an hour of just wondering I no longer needed a map and knew how to get around. The phrase for this weekend was: Just follow the river. If we were confused, just follow the river. If you wanted food, just follow the river.

It was extremely relaxing since we didn’t have to be anywhere and just went with the flow. I was extremely happy to eat Swedish meatballs because that is a must when you are in Sweden.

We only had one place scheduled at a certain time and that was the Ice Bar. As the name suggests it is bar of complete ice. It was extremely COOL and a CHILL place. Those of you that know me personally know that I don’t drink. I don’t have anything against it, it’s just I don’t like it. However when you pay to get in you get one drink included with the price. So I figured why not try a drink... Yeah I don’t like alcohol. It was vodka with lingonberries. I thought I love lingonberries so try that. It just confirmed that I don’t like alcohol. Even though I didn’t enjoy the drink, it was a awesome place.

Sweden was a success and a relaxing trip.


Scotland Travel Semester