Hello From a Volcanic Island!

Daron Mulligan Arcadia in Granada, Spain


March 8, 2016

This past weekend, my friends Katherine, Blaine, and I traveled to Lanzarote, an island off the coast of Africa. We originally heard about the island from a professor and after googling pictures of it, we had our hearts set on going. We used BlaBla Car to get from Granada to Seville and had a few hours to explore the Plaza de España, the Parque de María Luisa, and find the best gelato in the city. We flew to Lanzarote and got to our Airbnb house late at night.

On Saturday morning, we started off on a hike and traveled through volcanos, craters, lava fields, and eventually got to a remote blank sand beach! We swam in the ocean and relaxed on the beach for hours. We hiked back and relaxed with the other people staying in the same Airbnb house. On Sunday we took advantage of the local bus transportation and stumbled upon a large outdoor market! It was really cool and fun! We also did another hike in the beautiful green mountains. Afterwards, we went out for sandwiches and watched a fútbol game on TV.

We noticed that it was much easier to understand the Spanish of the people of Lanzarote. They seemed to have a Latin American Spanish accent instead of a Spain accent. It was interesting to pick up on. Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful and relaxing weekend spent with good friends!

I'm headed off to cooking class to learn how to make paella!