Halfway Through

Lexie Heilbron University of Auckland, New Zealand


May 1, 2019
Currently studying at: University of Auckland, New Zealand
Homeschool: Arcadia University

It is at that point of the semester in which I am halfway done. This semester feels different since I am studying in another country. At this brief, sad, moment of reflection, I have realized that New Zealand did not meet my expectations– it exceeded them.

When I first decided to come to this country, 8,851 miles away, I knew it would be a very hard adjustment. I wouldn’t have the people I have known for the past 3 years by my side; I wouldn’t have my trusty sidekick of a car to drive, and my parents would no longer be a quick 3-hour drive away from Arcadia. With all these things in mind, I had doubts going into this experience, and how it would treat me, even though I had high expectations as well. But being here, for 2 and a half months, I have come to realize that I am having the best time of my life.

New Zealand has things to offer that Philadelphia or even the United States couldn’t offer. Besides the obvious beautiful scenery, amazing foods and city life Auckland has to offer, it does not have all my family, friends, and car. I miss them dearly but do not mind it as much as I thought I would, as New Zealand has given me a home of my own.

This country has introduced me to friends who do live in the United States, but many more that are either from New Zealand or other places all over the world. Though it may seem the world is very large at most points while I am here, I met someone who goes to Uni in New Zealand, who went to high school with someone who goes to Arcadia. This small very interesting fact has given me some hope that I will hopefully run into these new people I have met here.

New Zealand is incredible, but more importantly, the people I have met here are incredible. Whether they be from America, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or anywhere else, I will treasure these friendships, and new “New Zealand Family” until the end of time and will forever be grateful for this country, and the people it has introduced me to, among other things!