Gone in a Flash

Ashley Young Scottish Universities' International Summer School (SUISS), Scotland


July 23, 2019
Currently Studying at: Scottish Universities' International Summer School (SUISS), Scotland
Homeschool: Northampton Community College

Well, I was wrong, our second week in Edinburgh flew by faster than the first. This week has been pretty good. You all may be happy to know we managed not to get lost again. However, I did have the opportunity to experience a Scottish hospital.

A friend of mine asked me to go with her to the hospital. Maybe it's just me, but there is also something honorable about being asked by a friend to accompany them to a hospital. Thank you for thinking of me when you needed someone. Plus, I wasn't going to let her travel late at night by herself. Selfishly, I really wanted to go and see what the hospitals were like. I don't know what I was expecting, but they're not much different. Although, I think I would prefer the hospital I go to back home.

This weekend we spent 12 and a half hours on a bus touring a good chunk of Scotland. We saw amazing places that are truly indescribable. Even pictures can't capture how exquisite it was to be there in person. Between the animals, the way the clouds looked on top of the mountains, the amazing castles, getting to see Loch Ness (I, unfortunately, didn't see Nessie), and all the fascinating history we learned on the drive, it was definitely a beautiful experience. Along with some awesome history on the tour, we also listened to some authentic Scottish music which was a treat. Have you ever heard "Don't Stop Believing" played on the bagpipes? I have, and I was not disappointed. I guess this is where I should be thanking my Mom for making
me go. Moneywise I wasn't going to go, but she reminded me of how important it is to live in the moment, and I would be able to experience the tour with friends if I went now (So, thanks Mom).

Even though I would love to visit Scotland again, we all know how life seems to have other plans for us. Who knows when it will be that I get the chance to come here again. As someone who enjoys photography and capturing a perfect photo that needs no or very little editing, Scotland has proved to be one of the best photography locations I've ever had the pleasure to experience. The photo that's attached to this is one that I shot walking back to the dorms after our bus tour. My friends and I were going to grab a bus back, but we decided to walk instead, mostly because we wanted to grab food on the way. But, I'm so glad we did because it's almost like I was meant to see this and capture such an amazing view.

Unfortunately, the days are going to fly by, and before I know it we’ll all be back home, but my pictures of my friends and the views will be there forever. Don't worry, I've also been doing a lot of writing (which is what I'm really here for), and I can honestly say my experiences thus far have given me a lot of new material to work with. I'm excited to see what else I come up within the next two weeks. I have a feeling some new inspiration will find me at least once a week.

Getting lost ✅ Hospital ✅… What's next?