Getting to know Townsville

Nina Bakker James Cook University, Australia


July 15, 2017

I have been in Townsville for only a day now but I am in absolute awe. I know I will enjoy going to school in this location because I am immersed in so much nature here. As soon as we were picked up from the airport and dropped off at school, we saw a couple of wallabies. It can be fun spending time in huge cities, but it is nice to be able to escape and not feel so suffocated.

Townsville is the opposite of a huge city, and I am glad that I get to experience this side of Australia. Today consisted of checking out the local area via bike riding! Within walking distance of James Cook University is the Ross River, which is huge and has some stunning views. The river offers space for a wide variety of activities, whether it is bike riding along the path, kayaking, swimming near the pontoon or using the various rope swings to jump into the river (though I learned today that if you want to swim, you have to be extremely careful of the crocodiles that also reside in the river!), and checking out the local wildlife. The Ross River is definitely where I will be spending much of my free time while I am in Townsville!


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