Gardening time!

Elena Lázaro Housing and Accounting Coordinator


April 26, 2020

How is being doing over there?

I am sure you will be busy with surprising sort of activities at home. Here I want to give you another one maybe you already did, gardening. For those who have the luck to have a yard this is a plus, but I am sure even only a balcony or a terrace you might have some plants. During the confinement you have the chance to know a little bit of how to take care of them and try to understand a bit more about this fascinating plants world.

For those you have a wide space or yard I encourage you to try to enjoy the art of gardening. There are a lot to learn of how to plant, understand which seeds are better depending of the room you have, distinguish the kind of species you be able to plant according the incident of sunlight the space have, the sort of soil, the best container, and thousands of etcetera to take in account.

There are thousands of tutorials and blogs which show you how to do your best on gardening, but I leave you one that is very curious and incredible and probably it make you try some of this suggestions so wonderful.

It also Spring is here with us! And this fact give us a bit of breath and an amazing colorful panoramic plenty of flowers and stunning natural colors.

I share with you some of mine and others from some friends to delight you!

Mine are the ones shown in the picture above this blog ;)

Flowers  Flowers  Flowers  Flowers  Flower