From Maryland To Rome

Amelia Graf Arcadia in Rome, Italy


January 13, 2016

My home school, St. Mary’s College of Maryland is a quaint college in a small town and only has about 2,000 students. The transition from my home school to the enormous, fast pace city of Rome will be a crazy experience that I am tremendously ecstatic for. 

There is no better way to spend my study abroad than with pizza and pasta lovers in Italy. I have always dreamt of traveling to Italy so, living in the gorgeous city of Rome will be life changing. The thought of being a bus ride away from the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain is absolutely amazing. Since I will be here for four months, I am planning to travel all around Italy and other parts of Europe.

As I am about to pack my bags, I can feel the nervous butterflies…from not being able to fit all of my clothes! It will be very tough to stay under the 50-pound weight limit for my checked bag. I am even more nervous for the plane ride back from all the shopping I will be doing. 

I hope to meet many students who love eating, shopping, and traveling as much as I do. I also hope to learn some italiano.

Lastly, I can’t wait to eat endless gelato... I hope there is a gym.