Fresh Eyes

Amanda Berthold University of Edinburgh, Scotland


October 28, 2014

I’ve recently had three visits from family and friends to my fair city of Edinburgh. While both times I expected myself to be the tour guide of all tour guides, both times I came up empty with what to do. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’ve been here for two months and have only experienced one quarter of what the city has to offer. I have become stuck in my ways. I frequent the same pubs, cafes, and buildings so much it becomes part of my perspective of what Edinburgh is and that isn’t fair. I don’t even know my home.

The new perspectives of the city from my visitors helped me understand more of what Edinburgh has to offer. Of course we went to the most tourist-populated parts of town (The Royal Mile, The Castle, and Prince’s Street) but we also walked to places I never knew existed. They pointed out buildings that I have walked by two to three times a day and never noticed. They discovered items on the menus of restaurants I love that I have never given the time of day. I discovered a whole other part of the city just because I took a left instead of my usual right. While it is nice to be able to construct some sense of normalcy 3,000 miles away from home, I cant help but feel that I’m doing myself and the city a great indecency in sticking to the 3 mile radius around the comfort of my dorm room. Fresh eyes helped me to see how truly amazing my home is and I cant wait to explore it more.