Fittie (Aka Footdee)

Erin M. Aberdeen, Scotland


May 14, 2014

Located on the outskirts of Aberdeen city is a small fishing village known as Fittie by the locals. The village is small in scale, with compact alleys running through the homes, making it a very homely place.

Architecturally, Footdee feels like a miniature, version of Aberdeen.  The buildings all have the same style as throughout the city, with their strong stone façades, but Footdee does it in a way that makes one feel equal to the structures rather than dwarfed by them.

Within the inner area of the homes are little squares of what seem to be storage buildings, such as in the pictures.  Each of these has a small garden surrounding it, all of which are very personalized the each homeowner’s styles.  It makes for a very welcoming and almost fantastical feel at times.  It is overall a wonderful experience to wander through the alleys within this village and experience it’s culture.