Finding My Routine

Jordan Mcintyre Edinburgh Internship Program, Scotland


February 17, 2016

I’m one of those people who very much needs a routine. However, I’m usually pretty bad about setting this routine for myself. I would love it if I could be the kind of person who can do whatever whenever, but I’m just not built that way. One of my resolutions this year was to fall in to a good routine and just to have better habits in general. I think I’ve been able to do a good job of this so far! I had a hard time in the beginning, but I’m starting to get a whole lot better! I think a lot of that is thanks to this study abroad program. I have to be at my internship by 9AM, which means leaving my accommodation at about 8:15. Factoring in time to make breakfast and get dressed, I usually get up at around 6:30 every morning. I’m the furthest thing from a morning person, but I knew if I wanted any kind of shot at a normal sleep schedule I couldn’t just wake up early on days I have to work. So, from Monday through Thursday I wake up at 6:30, make my breakfast, and get on with my day. Having this routine has really helped me organize my life a little better, which is something I desperately needed. I kind of feel like this has been a great transition into adulthood. Though technically I guess I’m an adult, I feel like I often need an “adulter” adult to tell me what to do. But I think setting this routine for myself has been a great step in the right direction!


Academic Year Scotland