Everything Edinburgh!

Margaret Chelsvig University of Edinburgh, Scotland


May 28, 2015

I have a lot to say about Edinburgh. It’s one of my favorite places I’ve been and I’m terrified to leave it. That being said, I just wanted to compile a list of my favorites things to do in the city, things I’ve learned about being abroad, and a few tips and tricks for other study abroad students.

First, my favorite foods:

  • Los Cardos (Mexican place in Leith with decent Mexican food and yummy burritos)
  • Brew Lab (cool coffee place quite near Old College)
  • Blackwell’s (the best bookstore ever, with book trivia once a month!)
  • Starbuck’s (the Quartermile location is where I did ALL my homework)
  • Peter’s Yard (delicious bakery, food, and ice cream)
  • Pine Tree Bakery (Polish bakery that’s also really good!!)
  • Love Crumbs (for the fanciest cakes)
  • Mary’s Milk Bar (get gelato and then walk around Grassmarket)
  • Holyrood 9A (fabulous burgers and beer)
  • Union of Genius (soup!)
  • La Favorita (PIZZA!)
  • Falko (German bakery with perfect Apfelstrudel)
  • Tupiniquim (Brazilian Crepes near Edinburgh’s campus that are delicious)

Second, favorite activities:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Hanging out in the Meadows (grilling, reading, playing soccer, people watching, etc.)
  • George Street (for shopping needs)
  • Morningside (for more shopping needs)
  • Walking everywhere!!
  • Ceilidihs
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • Holyrood Park (Arthur’s Seat is fun, but the Salisbury Crags are easier and give equally good views in my opinion)
  • Edinburgh Zoo (must see the penguin parade!)

Third, tips and tricks:

  • Take care when crossing streets- its confusing having to look the opposite direction!
  • Bring a rain jacket that you want to wear every day.
  • You probably don’t need sunglasses in Scotland.
  • Don’t be afraid of haggis.
  • Don’t’ be afraid of ceilidhs! You won’t make a fool of yourself because you’ll be having so much fun.
  • Have some comfortable walking shoes, bonus points if they’re waterproof.
  • Save room for souvenirs while packing to go abroad
  • Don’t stick with just Americans! Try to meet as many new people as you can. People come from all over the world to study abroad at Edinburgh. My Scottish flat mates were the best!!
  • It might take you a while to warm up to your study abroad destination, regardless of where you go. Give it time to adjust, make sure to participate, put yourself out there, and have fun! You’ll love it in no time!

Looking ahead: Returning home, adjusting to free refills at restaurants, Costco, and my family’s refrigerator full of food.