Embracing Uncertainty

Zach Keffer London Internship Program, England


May 31, 2019
Currently Studying at: London Internship Program, England
Homeschool: Penn State University

For some reason, the phrase, “I’ve never been on a plane”, leaves my friends puzzled when I tell them about my summer plans. I suppose it is sort of odd that my first flight will be about seven to eight hours to London.

What do I do on a plane? Is it just like a giant bus that flies? I am not sure I’ve even set foot in an airport. Will I be scared? I don’t think so; thinking about the flight itself doesn’t necessarily scare me, but you never know. The truth is, I have no idea about a lot of things and definitely don’t know about flying.

Although it is cliché, the reality of this journey hasn’t really set in for me even though it is less than a week away. I am well aware of the fact that this will all go too fast, and that I should take a minute to soak it in as often as I can. But this has the makings of an experience that is sure to leave its mark.

Like most trips and experiences, they usually never turn out the way you expect. That is the beautiful part of travel and any undertaking really. I have always tried to embrace the uncertainty, but looking ahead and creating expectations is a part of human nature, so why not embrace that too.

That being said, here is a rough list of items I am looking forward to checking out in London (besides finally flying in a plane):

Abbey Road

Will I find three other people and recreate the album cover? Most likely not, but let it be known, I’d definitely take Paul’s position (3rd from the right), because he isn’t wearing shoes. Abbey Road is maybe the most iconic London scene in terms of music, and I just can’t miss out on seeing it.

Cliffs of Dover

I assume this is one of those places that most people would say, “you just have to be there”. I want to know exactly what inspired Eric Johnson, a man from Texas, to name his riff after the Cliffs. Maybe they are full of legendary creative energy and it will inspire something in me, or maybe they just look really awesome.

Globe Theater

Being in the same place where Shakespeare would capture crowds and thrill, scare, and inspire them all at the same time is something I imagine to be indescribable. With over 500 years of history, seeing a play in the Globe will be the experience of a lifetime.

As I begin packing and my mind wanders more and more into what this next chapter holds, I am looking forward to getting this adventure underway. The flight, of course. The sites, for sure. But more than anything, the people. People make every part of the world unique and distinct in their own way, as do the people that visit temporarily. I would guess that most of us studying in London this summer have at least something in common. I have no doubts in my mind I will have an experience to remember forever and meet some even better people on the way. What is in between, however, is what I don’t know, and that is pretty exciting.