Eating My Way Through Cape Town

Colleen Morrison University of Cape Town, South Africa


March 22, 2018

One of my favorite aspects of Cape Town would have to be the overabundance of cute cafes and great food. Below I have outlined a few of my favorite finds.


Kauai is one of the first places that I got to experience while studying abroad in Cape Town and I absolutely love this little place located in Rondebosch. It’s more of a fast food style setup, but a little classier- think Panera Bread. For the price, you get great quality food and a decent amount of it too. I love going here if I am walking back from my classes at UCT or are in Rondebosch for any other reason.

Honey Bun
The Honey Bun is this little posh cafe on the corner of a street in Observatory located near the residence hall that I am staying in for the semester. Though the service can be slow, and they tend to mess up your order, the food is incredible and the atmosphere they have worked hard to create is relaxing and comfortable. Many spend their afternoons reading and working on other assignments in this adorable cafe, but it’s also a great spot for breakfast. In my opinion their smoothies are incredible, but I have received rave reviews from my friends about the breakfast item The Recession. Not only is it one of the cheaper items on the menu, it’s quite delicious and hits the spot perfectly, or so I have been told.

Cocoa Wah Wah
So much can be said about Cocoa Wah Wah. This restaurant was all that anyone talked about for a while and a lot of hype was build up around it. Once we finally found some time to grab a bite, it did not disappoint. I have to say that their smoothies blow Honey Bun’s right out of the water. Though their Wi-Fi can be spotty when wanting to complete work, the food and service is incredible. From their coffees, to their pastas and burgers, their food is delicious.

Obz Cafe
The service here tends to be a little slow (seeing a pattern?), but the food does not fail you. From the pasta to the burgers and milkshakes, Obz Cafe is a great place to go with a group of friends. Going there one night for dinner, we got roped into participating in trivia night. Though we didn’t know too much and we got recognized for being in last place in almost every round, the atmosphere created a great Tuesday night to blow off some steam.


Feta Cheese Spinach Breakfast Wrap
There is no denying that for my first two weeks or so, my diet consisted of eating one of these wraps every other day. Words honestly cannot describe how great this wrap is. For breakfast or lunch, this wrap hits the spot.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Smoothies vary based on the restaurant or location that you get one from, but in general they remain one of my favorite smoothies (other than Mango).

Creamy Pesto and Almond Pasta
This was a spontaneous decision that I made while ordering at Cocoa Wah Wah and I did not regret it. I wasn’t sure if the creamy pesto was going to be for me, but the dish pulled together very nicely. It was a little rough on the stomach, so I don’t order it too often, but I was glad that I tried it.

Let’s be honest here, pizza is one of the greatest foods of all time. You can eat it hot or cold, for breakfast or for dinner, with pepperoni on it or broccoli. Pizza is prepared differently around the world and every restaurant’s pizza has a slightly different taste, but I believe you can never go wrong with pizza.

I won’t lie, there are many food items that I so dearly miss like pancakes, cupcakes, my mom’s mash potatoes, a good grilled cheese, my Mommom’s dumplings and so many other things, but I have enjoyed branching out and trying new things.


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