Dunnottar Castle

Erin M. Aberdeen, Scotland


May 4, 2014

A picturesque walk along the Stonehaven coastline leads you to a ruin of a castle.  Dunnottar Castle is a stunning work of history set upon a cliffside just outside the town of Stonehaven.  Nothing surrounds the castle, aside from fields, water, and sheep, making it a peaceful location and an overall relaxing walk.

As you walk down the path, the castle grows from a distant blur to a magnificent fortress.  Though it is only a ruin, you are able to see the spender it once was.

Though I would like to be able to speak out the experience from within the castle, I am unable to.  My walk ended in a bit of disappointment, when I found out the castle was closed due to high winds.

Even with my inability to enter the fortress, I appreciate the stark design of all ancient castles, especially one with its history so obviously shown.