Eien Sykes Bidwell University of Wollongong, Australia


June 19, 2015

Wow! I literally have 9 days left! I am not ready to go! I know that once I get home it will be summer, and in a couple months I'll be moving onto campus with my favorite roommate. At the same time though, I don't think I've lived out my time here. Back home, I still have two years of Undergrad, but I've already been thinking of when I can try and come back. The flights here and back were about 20 hours, and a little less than $2000 for my 4 months here. I can't imagine being able to save that much money up while in school and then after graduation (if we look that far ahead) there will be no money for fun. Unless I come here for Grad school? If that's an option? I've been trying to Google how that would work, but my internet has set itself to Australian mode and is convinced that I belong here. Not only does it direct me to the Australian versions of every website, but when I search schools, specifically in the US, it still gives me schools here. And if I find American universities, it thinks I'm an international student and won't give me the regular page. So I can't figure any of that out right now. But the thought has been planted in my head and it is stuck there. This is me, making a promise, I will absolutely be back.

I have this one friend, I tell him about America all the time and he's convinced that he'll come visit me. We've been trying to figure out the best time of year and how long we can keep him in the apartment. It's a good start. Saying you're going to do something can lead to bigger things. I am honestly upset to go home and leave all these great people behind. We went out today and my friend told me the cashier was American. I don't even notice the difference in accents anymore, I've just gotten so used to being surrounded by people from around the world.

I just don't know what to do or say! I don't know how to explain this experience to people who weren't here with me. I don't know how to express how attached I've become. I don't know how to say goodbye. I don't want to. Nine days. I'll be home. I haven't even started packing!