Ben Garnitz Arcadia in Granada, Spain


November 4, 2017

This past Friday, myself and two friends decided to spend the day in Cordoba. We got up early, caught the metro around 8:45 and hopped on our bus at 9:30. The bus ride wasn’t too long (about 2 hours) and it had wifi so all was well. We got to Cordoba and began our journey.

The only thing we had planned was to see the Mezquita/Catedral. Other than that, we had no idea what else is in Cordoba. So we set course for the Mosque but soon realized how hungry we all were. After deciding that we all miss pizza we decided to go to the nearest pizza place. La Fabrica de Pizza was one of the coolest restaurants I have ever been in. From top to bottom there were pop culture references, great music, and delightful waiters. We ordered two pizzas that were both delicious and savory. After lunch we headed to the mosque but once again got caught up in a craving. After enjoying some gelato we finally made it to the Mosque.

We all were in some form of a Spanish/Islamic history class and learned a bit about this Mosque. Walking in was breathtaking. Seeing the hundred of columns and arches was beautiful. I found it funny that the when the muslims took over the city they had these roman pillars and decided to add on to them making them even more beautiful, and when the catholics gained control, they tore everything down as apposed to utilizing the beautiful Arabic design. The Mosque parts were unlike anything I’ve ever seen where as the cathedral parts were classic catholic design that I had seen hundred of times before.

After the Mosque, My friends and I wandered to the bridge overlooking the river. We stood there for an hour or so looking at the water and talking about life, books, movies, and other fun topics of discussion.

Cordoba proved to be quite a beautiful and historic city that I felt a bond grow between me and both Spain as well as my friends.