Cinque Terre, Italy

Jessica L. Dublin, Ireland


March 27, 2014

My favorite place that I have visited is Cinque Terre, Italy. Cinque Terre is on the coast of Italy and there are five little towns in this area. We stayed at one of the first towns called Riomaggiore and because it wasn’t their tourist season, not many people were there and the village was really quiet. The first day we got there we walked up to a high point of the town and ate cheese and olives while watching the sunset. The weather was great compared to Dublin! We wanted to travel to the other towns the next day but there was a train strike so none of the trains were running until later that night. We ended up going to another town called Manarola to also watch the sunset and have dinner. The food was amazing. The villages were built high up and had different paint colors so it was fun to walk around and look at. We then took a train to Milan but didn’t have much time to walk around the city because we had to catch our plane home to Dublin for St. Patty’s Day!