Lexie Heilbron University of Auckland, New Zealand


February 19, 2019
Currently studying at: University of Auckland, New Zealand
Homeschool: Arcadia University

February 17th, 2019! It is finally time! After an eight-week winter break, and almost nothing to do during that time, I am excited to finally go on this adventure that I have planned and hoped for during my entire college career. I can already hear New Zealand calling my name!

Getting ready for this exciting adventure, however, was not the easiest. First off, I am horrible at packing. If I am gone for a week, you can bet I have packed at least 14 shirts, because I plan to spill on myself every day. I also pack all the underwear I own, because I will surely soil myself twice a day and need to have those back-up pairs at my disposal. It’s not like there is any machine to wash my clothes for me in case I do soil myself or spill on myself.

Anyways, since this trip is the duration of a whole semester (almost 5 months) this was the most trouble I have ever had packing. I wanted to take my dresser and closet to New Zealand with me! But in the end, I was able to narrow it down to a 50-pound suitcase, a very full carry on, and a heavy backpack that will surely cause strain on my back and shoulders. Yes, I know I overpacked. But just this one time, I’ll excuse myself because I have not been out of the country for a whole semester.

On top of packing, there is so much else to do to get ready. You must call the bank to make sure they know that a random person is not taking money out of your account in New Zealand, but it is just you. You have to figure out all your medications. Since I have 2 different prescribed medications, I had to go through insurance and figure out how much they will help pay for, go through my doctor to make sure that I had enough to last me for your entire trip, and get a note explaining why the excess medication, just in case TSA asks why you have so much and to prove you are indeed, not smuggling drugs into the country. But all this hassle is worth it. To have the opportunity to study in a different country for a whole semester is a real treat, and I will gladly stay on the phone for an hour with the insurance company, again, to have this opportunity again.

While this break has not had much down time, I am excited for the opportunities and adventures that New Zealand will lead me on. See ya later Philly, Maryland, and the United States! See you again in July!