Busy Making Myself Busy

Whittney Whitt Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


September 22, 2016

Studying abroad is a fountain of opportunity, productivity, and overall busyness. If just taking in the new country and keeping up with the class work isn't enough, most likely you'll want to travel around, visit attractions, and socialize with all your new friends, also. In other words, the busyness just keeps multiplying.

But that's OK!

Good, even!

While you've got the opportunity, I think it is imperative, no, obligatory that you do all that you can to keep yourself busy, experiencing new things, and just having fun.

I myself have a busy schedule of my own coming up in October.

From September 29th-October 2 I, along with a couple of my Arcadia pals, will be volunteering for WOW: the World of Wearable Art fashion show, here in Wellington. For this opportunity I have to give a hearty shout out to my friends from Arcadia for securing volunteer spots specifically for the Arcadia at Wellington students. This fashion show is so prestigious and famous that even volunteering spots run out quick! As a volunteer we all get a free crew T-shirt, a WOW pin, free tickets to one of the actual show nights, a free WOW collectible program, and an immediate invite to the end of the show party! Amazing bonuses for just having to sell programs or other merchandise for a couple nights! As a big fan of fashion and art this is something that is right up my alley, and I am exuberantly excited to be a part of. So if you're around between September 22 - October 9th, I would definitely recommend that you see the show if you can (and you might see me running around). And if you aren't in country and are interested in this show when you do come to New Zealand (especially if you will already be coming to Wellington), I would recommend you talk to your Arcadia program director (Jane Gunn-Lewis) to give you more details, on either the show itself or volunteering when it comes around again.

Directly after my allotted volunteer days, I have booked myself a ticket for the Wellington Opera performance of Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Ever since meeting my program director, Jane, she has only talked praise about Wellington's thriving theater scene, and after all of the hoopla, I wanted to get in on whatever I was missing. To be perfectly honest, I'm a huge fan of Sweeney Todd and musicals so this show is just right for me, but if you're interested in other theatrical genres, don't sweat it, because if you want it, Wellington's Theater troupes probably got it! If you're in town now, Sweeney Todd will be showing in Wellington between Sep 30th - Oct 5th. But careful, I saved up to go to this particular show, and it was not, what I would call, cheap (about $50 for the cheapest ticket). But keep in mind there are some shows whose admission are as low as $10, and if you purchase through Ticketek (the New Zealand version of Tickemaster) you can most often earn a student discount as long as you have your student ID to prove it.

Directly after that I've scheduled and secured a date at a local tattoo parlor in the middle of October. As this is a very personal preference I must say here that Arcadia has no affiliation or influence on my decision to get a tattoo. I enjoy meaningful tattoos and New Zealand has posed a very meaningful time in my life and I felt inclined to commemorate that through permanent ink. But it's something like this, something very personal and specific to your own tastes that I would suggest you to search for in your study abroad country. Make your experience yours! And do things that really mean something to you! And don't let others dictate whether or not your plans are worthwhile or not. You do you!

And lastly, at the end of all that and the month. I enter into the land of exams, papers, studying, and personal academic distaste. For the New Zealand spring semester (US fall semester) classes end by the middle of October! To me that seems oddly short, and still discombobulates me often, considering my home school in Ohio only just started classes at the beginning of September. Regardless, from here on out, I've already got less than a month left a school and the end of the semester quickly approaching, and my time here shortening. So I ought to make the most of it while I'm here.

Although with all that being said, I would not advise packing your schedule too full. Even though as college students, we've all heard / lived this song and dance before, it never hurts to reiterate. It's easy to get too busy. And it's easy to tell yourself it's fine, and let the stress and work build up. As much as you would like to travel the country every weekend, go on a tour every Monday, visit the museums every Tuesday, learn to surf every Wednesday, go hiking every Thursday, and go out and party every Friday, it isn't all that healthy to overextend yourself and not give your mind and your body time to rest and recoup. So yes, keeping busy is a good thing, but in moderation, and always after your academic obligations (whether they be homework, classes, or exams) have been met.

But remember, have fun, and make memories!


New Zealand Semester