Bienvenido a Granada!

Gina Slonin Arcadia in Granada, Spain


October 5, 2016

Granada has been very welcoming and this first week couldn't have gone any better! Arriving and getting around my first day was probably the biggest challenge I've yet to face. But it gave me the perfect excuse to start using my Spanish! The food here is amazing and very fresh. The common way to eat is by going to a Tapas Bar. You order a drink, soda or alcohol, something other than water, and they bring you a free tapa with it.

A tapa is a small portion of food to nibble on with your beverage. The word "tapa" comes from the Spanish tapear which means to cover. As legend goes, when the Spaniards would go for a drink, a glass of wine usually, when they would set the glass on the table while enjoying their conversation, flies would fly into their glass! So the server gave the customer a piece of cheese to cover the lid of their glass when they weren't drinking it so bugs wouldn't fall into the drink. And that is where the idea of tapas originated from.


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