Back in the US

Margaret Chelsvig University of Edinburgh, Scotland


June 10, 2015

So I’ve been back in the U.S. for two weeks now and it’s weird. It feels like I never even went abroad- that Edinburgh was just a dream. It’s crazy to me that I lived in Scotland for five months, because I’ve never moved far from the Midwest!

Of course I miss Edinburgh. I miss the friends I made, walking everywhere, the cool weather (it was 90 degrees today!), the familiarity of the city I developed. But it also feels good to be back. I missed my family and friends, my favorite places to eat, driving on the right, and much more!

I didn’t struggle much with jet lag, which was a blessing! I just went to bed a little earlier and woke up a little earlier. In other terms of adjustment, there wasn’t much. In my opinion, the UK isn’t quite as different in terms of culture shock. I didn’t have a hard time adjusting when I first started off nor when I came back. It did take me by surprise whenever I talked to someone and they didn’t have a Scottish accent.

Calling a place home is a unique sensation. You might feel like you’re abandoning your family, your college, your state, etc. But I encourage you to make wherever you study abroad feel as much as home as possible. Adapt the mannerisms of the locals, establish a routine, purposely get lost to get know the city. My study abroad experience was much more meaningful because I felt like I had a spot in the city, I wasn’t just a tourist for five months.

Well, I’ve shared my time with you this semester as well as some (hopefully useful) advice. Whether you’re deciding to study abroad or prepping for your semester in Scotland- take my advice with a grain of salt- everybody’s experience is unique.