Away I Go (Again)

Lily Mazur University College Dublin, Ireland


January 10, 2017

It won’t take anyone very long to figure out that I am restless. From May 2016 to August 2017 I will have moved residency nine times. I admit, I miss my loved ones (horse especially) and it hasn’t been easy. But hey, might as well get an adventure out of my life before settling down in a full time job.

The first time I lived on my own was last summer abroad in Malmo, Sweden. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of self sufficiency and confidence in traversing a foreign country. I hope to help others find similar experiences through working at the RIT Study Abroad & Fellowships Office, and now through blogging for Arcadia.

Now, a year and a half later, I am preparing to go abroad once more before entrenching myself in senior design and graduate classes. I left Malmo with a wish to stay longer, and I am so excited to fulfill this hope in Dublin, Ireland. I won’t say it’s not scary sometimes, especially being less than a week out from my flight. I try to remember my last minute terror the day before my flight to Sweden, and how that faded in the shadow of my excitement.

Above all, I am excited for the opportunity to go somewhere new and push myself into experiences I would not otherwise have. Writing about the future, versus the present, is a bit more difficult for me, so follow along for real-time updates of my semester in Dublin!