An American Girl in Ireland

Mary Schrott Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


November 30, 2015

Well, it has come to that point: I miss America. Yes America I miss you with your frequent fast food joints, big bottles of shampoo, and enormous SUVs that cruise along the right side of the road. Given that there are less than three weeks before I come home though, I’d say I have done pretty well.

Homesickness isn’t something I’ve felt abnormally before, but there comes a point where you just want to fit in again. On some days when I’m wearing an all-black ensemble and walking with purpose I think I’m getting away with it: people must not think “American.” But then as soon as I open my mouth my all-black cover is blown.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being different in your environment. I think a lot of my time abroad can be related to my freshman year of college where I was undoubtedly recognizable as not native. New school, new friends, new home, and new lessons are all apart of it, not just being abroad, but every new step you take in life that involves change. I’ve loved the change that I’ve experienced my time abroad and can’t believe it’s actually happening...right now! I know I’m going to look back at this semester very fondly for the rest of my life. I’m honestly so happy I decided to spend a semester doing something new just because it helped me realize life doesn’t have to fit into a four year program.

Not only have I been able to experience life in a new country, but I’ve been tested academically in whole new ways as well. From the start I was so grateful to be accepted to Trinity and be able to study there. The program I’m in is not a cookie cutter ‘American Students Study Abroad’ structure. Though easily enough all my classes are taught in English, I get to be in an Irish classroom and be held to a whole new standard. Although I will say I miss Miami’s luxurious library where there is an actual cafe in the basement. Here, you’re not even allowed tea or coffee in the stacks!

While I may be missing some comforts of home, like being able to stuff my face while studying at the library, I’m in awe of what I’ve been able to experience this semester. I know I will miss the fact that pints are standard drink sizes, Lyon’s Tea after dinner and at breakfast, and people saying “Cheers” if I let them by on the bus. Here’s to three more weeks living my Irish life!


Ireland Semester