Adventure in Ireland

Yasaman Khorsandi Arcadia in Barcelona, Spain


March 20, 2015

Hello + Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
I just got back from an amazing adventure in Ireland!
The cloudy skies, greenery, and architecture won me over and reminded me SO much of one of my favorite cities, Seattle.
Being in an english-speaking country for a weekend was such a nice break and I was so amazed at the kind hearts and friendly people I met in Ireland.
Every person we encountered opened doors for good conversation and good laughs. The Irish and their sense of humor seriously made my stomach hurt!!
We ventured to the Cliffs of Moher and countryside of Ireland by the sea which was gorgeous.
We went to so many cool pubs!
We explored the City Center and saw sights such as Saint Patrick's Cathedral & Dublin Castle.
We went to an Irish Beer & Whiskey Fest which was a huge indoor warehouse with long community tables and samples of craft beers, ciders, and whiskey.
We stayed in a hostel one night, an Air Bnb couple's flat one night, and in the dormitories at the University College of Dublin the last two nights with a friend.
Dublin was such a dream and I can't wait until the day I get to go back and explore other parts of Ireland and the UK.
Although St. Patty's day brought about a rowdy and lively weekend, Ireland was a place of peace and beauty and forever in my memories.