Academic Field Studies are Awesome!

Brenda Khor Arcadia in Barcelona, Spain


February 1, 2015

Hello readers! This week passed by so quickly. I cannot believe it is February! For most of my classes, we did more hands-on learning than anything. For example, for my Photography class, we walked around the Barcelona area taking pictures of color and form the whole class time. It was so much fun observing shapes and colors, especially in the city because there is art literally everywhere you look. Another example is that on Thursday, my sports class went to Camp Nou, Barcelona’s fútbol stadium. We took a tour of a museum where we learned about the history of sports and it was phenomenally intriguing. After we went to the museum, we took a tour of Camp Nou. Our class literally stood on the same field as Messi and the other awesome players on the team. It was so cool! When we were done on the field, we went to the press box and learned how media plays a vital role in sports today. On Friday, our sports class also went on an academic field study to Tarragona, Spain. It is about an hour from Barcelona and we learned about the importance of Tarragona, involving the Ancient Romans and what they did to contribute to Spain. We took a tour through the city, museum and Amphitheatre. The sites were breathtaking.

The hands-on experiences that I had thus far was not only fun but also educational. It helped me have a better understanding of what we were learning in class. By grasping the information that I learned on academic field studies, I am able to interpret it more clearly during discussions in class. This was the best week yet! I cannot wait until next week.