A Trip to Ireland

Rebecca Sather Jenkins University of Edinburgh, Scotland


March 13, 2017

It’s been a busy few weeks, in a good way. We are getting closer to exams, which means everyone is starting what I call ‘library hibernation.’ This is something Scotland has in common with the US: exam preparation means the library becomes our new home. While I have three essays to write and three exams to study for, I’ve been looking back to my trip to Ireland, that I took a few weeks ago.

I stayed in Dublin, which I fell in love with very quickly. It’s a lot like Edinburgh, but flatter and much more colorful. I made friends staying in a hostel and took a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, which had been at the top of my travel list for many years. As you can tell from the photographs, I just happened to pick the foggiest day in a long time for the trip. It was a beautiful four-hour drive across Ireland to get there, and we did visit some other quaint villages on the way, but at the Cliffs we could just see… well, not the cliffs. I’ll just have to revisit another time.

Enough daydreaming for now, back to the essay composing! Stay tuned in the next couple of months, I have some exciting trips planned around Scotland, England and a few spots in mainland Europe too. Can’t wait!