A Traveler's Life for Me

Melissa Thompson University of Aberdeen, Scotland


April 20, 2016

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

What still amazes me about living in Scotland are all the opportunities for easy and relatively cheap travel, especially being a university student. Yay student discounts! These past few weeks I’ve had off from classes so I decided to take a break from studying for a bit and travel down to London.

I’ve always wanted to visit London so I decided to go because it was just a few hours journey from Aberdeen. It was so incredible to see an entirely different side of the UK! The atmosphere is very lively, fast-paced and a bit busy which makes sense since it is home to millions of people. London is the capitol of the UK and such a big city with so much to do! I only spent a few days there but there was so much that I still wanted to do.

While in London, I went to some famous historical sites including Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and Kensington Palace. I also went to see the play Wicked at the theater which was outstanding! At Buckingham Palace, I got to see the changing of the guard which was such an experience even in the rain. I honestly loved everything and can’t even begin to pick a favorite place in London. A big highlight for me was getting to go up on the London Eye and seeing all of London. It was quite the view!

Though I had an awesome time, I’m glad to be back home in Aberdeen. London was such a great way to experience England and a different side to the UK. Now it's off to study for finals!