A Review of Dublin Coffee Shops: Part 2

Amelia Mundell University College Dublin, Ireland


November 5, 2019
Currently Studying at: University College Dublin, Ireland 
Homeschool: Trinity University

Welcome back to the Dublin Coffee Shop Review! Coffee out is one of my biggest ‘treats’ in my budget. I think it’s worth it because coffees hops are about more to me than just what you’re drinking. Each place I’ve visited thus far has a little something special that makes me happy to do my homework or read a book there. Since my first post, I’ve made it to nine more fantastic establishments, to be reviewed here.


Location: 31 Drury St, Dublin 2; east of Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty.

Unique Factors: Steep stairs to a secluded second floor walled in mirrors; lots of planetary imagery; dark painted downstairs walls.

Favorite Item: Mocha.

Overall Vibe: Cool and hipster; perfect for the busy student on the go in the city, either for carry out or an intense study session. 

3FE Coffee

Location: 7 Sussex Terrace, Dublin; just south of the Canal, near Dartmouth Square.

Unique Factors: Wide retail selection of coffee products, white countertops, multiple coffee bars to accommodate coffee tastings, and location tucked away on a back street.

Favorite Item: Brownie Hot Chocolate (made with homemade brownie bits).

Overall Vibe: Bright, modern, friendly, and local; filled with students, young parents, and businesspeople alike. 

Café Boulevard

Location: 132 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin; between Merrion Square and St. Stephen’s Green.

Unique Factors: Blue walls, checked floors, a crystal chandelier, attentive waiters, and a menu featuring food suitable for all three meals.

Favorite Item: Custom omelet (egg whites, peppers, bacon, onions).

Overall Vibe: Very Parisian and classy without being too expensive; polished.

 Joe’s Coffee: Leeson – NOW CLOSED

Location: 5 Leeson Street Lower, Saint Kevin's, Dublin 2; right at the southeast corner of St. Stephen’s Green.

Unique Factors: Lots of windows framed in white paint form the façade, and several high tables with stools make the most of the small space. The menu is hand-written on the chalkboard.

Favorite Item: Red juice with beets, celery, berries, and ginger.

Overall Vibe: Productive, friendly, well-located, and quaint; I was so disappointed to find it had permanently closed when I went to look up the address!

Joe’s Coffee: Liffey

Location: Arnotts Liffey Street Upper, North City, Dublin; in the shopping district that’s immediately north of the Liffey.

Unique Factors: Located in the atrium of an upscale department store; colorful mug and saucer sets; funny baristas; red metal accents on the wooden stools and chairs; great for people-watching.

Favorite Item: Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Overall Vibe: Industrial yet bright; well-placed color feels quirky and inviting; a pleasant balance of feeling welcome without being forced to be known.

Perch Coffee Kiosk

Location: The Kiosk, Leeson Street Lower, Saint Kevin's, Dublin; right across the canal from 3FE.

Unique Factors: Brick standalone building, well-designed logo, warm lighting, outdoor seating on a nice day and counter seating in front of fogged windows on a rainy day (like when I went).

Favorite Item: Herbal tea.

Overall Vibe: A refuge from rain, wind, traffic, and stress; the building seems perfectly crafted for the purposes of a coffee shop. Despite never feeling unsafe in Dublin, I felt a conscious sense of safety and comfort in here.

 Shoe Lane Coffee

Location: 7 Tara St, Dublin 2; north of Trinity College, near the Liffey.

Unique Factors: World map showing the journey of their coffee beans, wood paneling on dark paint, and memorabilia from old-times bands including the Beatles; I went here right before the UCD Symphony Orchestra concert with The Bootleg Beatles. What a coincidence!

Favorite Item: Chai Latte— one of the best I’ve had!

Overall Vibe: Dark and homey; trendy design and friendly workers. Easy to be productive without feeling harried.


Location: 5 Bedford Row, Temple Bar, Dublin; a hop and a skip from the Liffey.

Unique Factors: Houseplants, tables made from recycled materials, an abundance of Organic and Vegan options, interesting wall art and a theme of Monkey décor.

Favorite Item: Peanut Butter Muffin.

Overall Vibe: Earthy, homey, relaxed; there is a clearly evident commitment to creating quality environment, food, and drinks.

Java Republic

Location: 37 Molesworth Pl, Dublin 2; west of the National Gallery of Ireland.

Unique Factors: Old-timey white wood storefront with a lot of history, lots of natural light, comfy seating, and inspirational quotes from the owner emblazoned on the walls and the tables

Favorite Item: Cappuccino.

Overall Vibe: Bright, focused, busy; extremely comfortable; versatile for the student, family, or worker.