A-Not-So-Ordinary Day

Elizabeth Houde London Internship Program, England


September 27, 2015

So some of you may know that London is beautiful. It definitely, totally is. I want you to know that. It’s a great place. Here is a recap of my day to give you an idea of what London is like sometimes on Sundays since most of my weekdays (and even Sundays) don’t go like this.

We got up early (because we went to Brighton which is also beautiful and wonderful. I recommend it highly), and we took the Tube to Victoria to get on the train (to go to Brighton). That was quite uneventful. It was your standard Tube ride with a bit of standing and a lot of very quick walking. A few escalators and way too many stairs and walkways thrown in for good measure. 

Then there was Brighton which was great.

Then we took the train back.

Speaking of the train. People still say “scare the pants off you” here. But here it means something completely different since “pants” as we know them are called “trousers” here, and “pants” here means underwear. It’s a whole new level of scared. I heard a woman on the train use it today. It was wonderful. 

So when we got off the train, we got back on the Tube to get back to our apartments. On the Tube, we met some rather drunk Irish rugby fans just getting back from a game that they’d gone to.

Also there was a guy on the Tube who we were all (by all I mean all the Tube people) kind of afraid was dead. It turns out he was just sleeping. He didn’t appreciate us waking him up, but he seriously looked dead and/or distinctly unwell. Apparently he was fine though.

When we got off the Tube to go to our residence, we actually took a detour to get some very good Indian food because I convinced everyone that that was a good idea when we were walking to the train station in Brighton.

We got takeaway and ate it in the study room while watching Doctor Who. It was a good day.


England Semester