A First Time for Everything

Maurice Scott University of New South Wales, Australia


May 27, 2016

Discovering that I was the first African-American that ever represented the University of New South Wales is a huge milestone in my life. I always wanted to show the world that African Americans are more than what they see on T.V and the movies. I chose this sport because I didn't want to do anything traditional to my culture such as basketball and football. I wanted to try something new and it has proven to take me very far, literally. The fact that this is one of the most prestigious universities in the world means a great deal more because I will now be a part the university's history. The school has responded to my post on Instagram, TheReeseLife, announcing that I am the first, stating "You're awesome, Maurice! We are very glad and proud to have you :)". The fact that this school has embraced me through academics as well as athletics has taught me that when you put in the effort and the work, which is driven by passion, you can make things happen. This school didn't know who I was before I first stepped foot onto the school, just that I was a number on the exchange list but I vowed to make sure they have something to remember me by. Now they know my name, they know that I am not all who the media/movies portray me as, and they feel the passion that drives me to be successful at whatever I put my mind to. Cheers to making history!