11 Weeks In

Brenda Khor Arcadia in Barcelona, Spain


March 16, 2015

Today was a very relaxing week. My classes are fine and I had another academic field study. For our history class, we went to a bomb shelter. The bomb shelter was very cool inside. To see how 2000 people were to fit in the bomb shelter, how they lived and worked was astonishing to hear about. The struggles they had to overcome was very inspiring. The tour guide was very interactive and informative.

This week, I also went to a museum and saw a beautiful waterfall in front of it. In addition, I went to an amazing restaurant with my friends. The restaurant is called, “Restaurante Madrid-Barcelona.” We found it ironic because Madrid and Barcelona are rivalries when it comes to fútbol. The server was very nice to us and we had the most amazing food!!! It was delicious. We each got different starters so we can all share such as squid, croquettes and spinach ham. Then, I got seafood rice as a big plate. To top it off, for dessert, I had flan. After we had dessert, we went to a bakery and bought a Catalan dessert called, Brazo de Gitano. Everything was so tasty! If you travel to Barcelona, you have to visit this restaurant!