A Very Merry End to a Very Merry Spooky Season!

Mandy Noren November 5, 2018

Hello out there! It’s been a while since we last talked- but I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on the last month that I’ve spent abroad! October was absolutely insane. This month I had the chance to visit Stonehenge, Barcelona and Rome… More

Tapping to the Rhythm of Flamenco

Alycia Parker October 30, 2018

Before I arrived in Granada, I had heard from various people I talked to who had visited Andalucía, that flamenco was a unique dance form that had strong roots in the region. I wasn’t sure what flamenco was as a dance style, but I looked it up last spring… More

Friendship and Jazz Music

Caroline Roy September 27, 2018

Before I left for New Zealand, one of my professors warned me that when you’re on your own in a new place, your highs and lows of life become amplified. Your bad moments feel exceptionally bad, your good times euphorically good. I thought about this lesson… More

1 Second Everyday in Granada

Caroline Brock May 31, 2018

Here's the final result of my 1 Second Everyday video project! This semester was such a blessing in so many ways, so I'm glad I'll always have this video as a personalized souvenir to look back on it with! More

La Alhambra and Albacin

Gina Slonin October 25, 2016

The Arcadia program took us on tours of La Alhambra and Albacin, which were included in the program. We had a wonderful guide for both trips and were taken to the best views of the ancient Arab influenced palace (San Nicolas) and of the city Granada.… More

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