Mid-Semester Break?

Andrew Esber September 28, 2022

Let me start off by saying that last time, I spent way too much time talking about the school aspect of study abroad and not enough time talking about the traveling aspect. If traveling is the aspect you were looking for in my blogs, this is the read… More

Am I a Student or a Tourist?

Andrew Esber September 1, 2022

Well this is it, Study Abroad. The experience that walks a balance beam between my education and the vacation of a lifetime. The overarching challenge of the adventure is finding a way to balance fun and responsibilities at the same time. It seemed like… More

Hiking in the Dublin Mountains

Matthew Elmore Merritt August 22, 2022

Of all the places I’ve been to in Ireland, I think my favorite place is Howth, which is a peninsula that has  tons of trails, all of which can be accessed by riding the DART train for 30 minutes from Dublin’s city center. The trails in Howth, nestled… More

Up in the Air in ‘Hidden London’

Nicole Burgon April 8, 2022

Even before studying abroad in London, I was surprised by how much spending and planning I was suddenly doing on my own. You have a lot of choices to make: where you want to go, what your budget is, and whether it’s the right decision for you. It can… More

Taking the Leap

Bailey Burke April 8, 2022

I’ve always been a homebody. My friends and family were surprised when I decided to go to a big school (the University of Michigan) for undergrad. I was a little surprised too, but it was only a couple hours from home, and I soon found ways to make such… More

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