Off to Down Under

Brooke Stephens June 4, 2018

I currently have a little under three hours left of my flight to Brisbane, Australia and all of this still doesn’t seem real. Well, actually one thing does: how long this flight is! First, I flew from Cincinnati to LA and that was about 5 hours. Now,… More

Coastal Towns Visit

Nathaniel Burola July 15, 2017

 By Nathaniel Burola, STEM summer Research - Dublin Hey, guys! Here is another blog post detailing our fabulous adventures of exploring some of the coastal towns in the Dublin area such as Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire. In order to get to these locations… More

The Game of Thrones Set Tour

Nathaniel Burola July 3, 2017

Nathaniel Burola, STEM Summer Research - Dublin Hey, guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, it certainly has been a rather busy 2 weeks with my work in the aquatic ecology lab, however, I have done some rather exciting tours across Ireland including… More

First Week Blog Post

Nathaniel Burola June 10, 2017

By Nathaniel Burola, STEM Summer Research - Dublin Wow, what a week it has been! First of all, I cannot even begin to describe how busy this past week was in terms of a schedule, and just doing everything! Life has passed by really quickly when it comes… More

Pre-Departure Thoughts

Nathaniel Burola May 30, 2017

By Nathaniel Burola, STEM Summer Research Dublin, Ireland As I write this blog post while resting in Santa Paula, California, I am overwhelmed by the excitement of finally being able to leave to Dublin, Ireland in order to start my summer research program… More

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