Live and Learn

Colleen Morrison March 6, 2018

With one month already under my belt, I feel that I have already learned so many things. Some things have smacked me right in the face and others have been learned more slowly. Below are just a few things that I have learned and continue to learn: I… More

Sometimes it is Okay to Be a No Person While Abroad

Chloe Diggs August 16, 2017

Euphoria. Cheesy grins and gyrating hips greeted me at the District’s hip-hop night on my first weekend in Cape Town. My senses were flooded when I was approached by kind, probably tipsy, strangers, blaring music with base-filled beats and assorted levels… More

WARNING: Finals are Closer Than They Appear

Calli Umipig June 19, 2017

Time is a concept rarely taken seriously when we’re young because we feel as if we have so much of it. Only when we don’t want something to end does mortality start to make sense and suddenly its all we can think about. Each absence between blog posts… More

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